2020 Cycling

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COVID-19, Week 25

With help of the latest directional technology Southern Embers cycled to Eyebrook on a rather wet day. Then to the Wheel and Compass ar Weston by Welland.

Northern Embers used the same directional technology as the Southern Embers to get to The Bull's Head in Thringstone for a pint and a Carvery. Stopped off at St Joseph's tea room for tea and cake near Mount St Bernard Abbey.

Eastern Embers had to seek refuge in a pub in Oudle for a pie and a pint; cycled from near Duddington to Oudle and back by a circular route.

There were many riders setting off into September and cycling miles including Ian Jacques at Birchingham on Sea.

COVID-19, Week 26

Northern Embers headed for The Grain Store in Oakham, via Tilton on the Hill. Came back via Burrough on the Hill. Only 2 cycled today. Met up with Ian Jacques at the pub.
- GB

Eastern Embers cycled from Harby north of Newark to Gainsborough then back to Harby via the Fledborough viaduct.
- VJ

Southern Embers enjoyed the hills from Markfield to Worthington (nearly). Bob Nash joined our ride today after a long absence. Pub lunch and Holy Joe's for tea and cake with Nick Reeves.
- PW

This week many Embers added miles to our total.

COVID-19, Week 27

Five Northern Embers headed for The Red Lion in Huncote, from Syston. Had a pie and pint at the pub then headed back to Syston on a different route.
- GB

Southern Embers rode from the Battle of Bosworth Heritage Centre. Also included a tour, led by Simon, of the back streets of Hinckley.
- PW

With Derek still roofing the rest of the Eastern Embers cycled in the Lincolnshires Wolds south of Louth and Market Rasen.
- VJ.

A glorious day for many Embers to cycle miles.

COVID-19, Week 28

Horses for courses this week. Southern and Eastern Embers took their chances on Thursday's weather. Southern headed into Warwickshire along the Lias Line to the Royal Horse and hit a couple of downpours. Eastern Embers avoided the rain in Nottinghamshire.

For the Northern Embers Thursday was Friday this week and they got 40mph winds instead. Six headed east to South Croxton, then turned west towards home again before heading south into Abbey Park via Wanlip, Birstall and the Space Centre. Late lunch at the Hobby Horse Syston.
- MA

Over several days many Embers totalled another miles.

More rides in October.