2020 Cycling

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COVID-19, Week 34

Groups grasped the last opportunity by riding on Wednesday. Southern Embers took the great Central way into Abbey Park to meet Dave Parry. Then cycled back to the black Horse, Aylestone for lunch.

Three Northern Embers headed for Old Dolby but the pub was shut. So moved on to The Nice Pork Pie, Old Dalby for pie, chips and peas + tea and cake.

Eastern Embers did a circuit of the Vale of Belvoir.

The two Ians were the last of the Embers North to cycle this week. Meeting at Asfordby cemetary which is dead centre between Syston and Burton Lazars. Then up to Ab Kettleby, Long Clawson, Nether Broughton, Old Dalby, Saxelbye and back to Asfordby. Banana break and sandwich stop along the way and stopped for two minutes at 11 o'clock.

Other riders made the most of fine weather to put in some solo miles.

We will be cycling in pairs next week due to restrictions. But there were many riders cycling miles as lockdown bites.


From we are under national lockdown rules for four weeks. Riding in pairs is permitted but no larger groups.

COVID-19, Week 35

Riding solo or in pairs were many Embers covering miles this week.

Embers on left via WhatsApp - Embers on Right via SMS & email

COVID-19, Week 36

Some Embers chose to ride earlier in the week. Wise choice because Thursday began with rain. Nevertheless, lots of cycling went ahead on our usual day.

Embers on left via WhatsApp - Embers on Right via SMS & email

There were many riders cycled miles this week.

COVID-19, Week 37

Finishing off November Lockdown with many Embers cycling miles solo or in pairs.

Shivering into December.