2022 Cycling

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Unicorn Inn, Orton-on-the-Hill

Setting off from Desford into a damp headwind, the Embers cycled through Kikby Mallory and Sutton Cheney and, by pure chance, met Mary and Ron Tunks who were out walking in the area. We then continued down Tinsel Lane and across a deep ford to reach an inn we have not visited before.

Starting February with many Embers cycling miles and fixing another puncture.

Shires Inn, Peatling Parva

The week began early for Helen Ayriss when she cycled to the Alpine Restaurant with Mick and Ian.

On Thursday we had one more than twelve Embers making a shaky start from Houghton on the Hill, with a broken cable and a puncture interrupting our progress to the Shires Inn at Peatling Parva.

We still managed to arrive close to midday, and you can see how much we liked our lunch from the review (click the icon)

Including Wishbone's solo ride, this week many Embers covered miles.

The Elms, Lutterworth

Today we played gooseberry between Dudley and Eunice. Not a courting couple but a pair of storms blowing in from the west. We seem to have chosen the best day of the week. Even forecast showers failed to appear and we had some sunshine.

Ian Jacques cycled solo again this week, so many Embers cycled miles with the main group of one less than fourteen enjoying the carvery at The Elms, Lutterworth.

Bulls Head, Abbots Oak

Fourteen Embers made an auspicious start to the day by cycling "Up the Burroughs". That set the tone for hills throughout the day.

We arrived en-mass at the Bulls Head in Abbots Oak just before noon and took them by surprise. Nevertheless, they found room for us all slightly away from their normal diners.

This week many Embers cycled miles between them.

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