2022 Cycling

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Tap & Run, Upper Broughton

Starting March with fourteen Embers setting off from Syston and following Velo John in the hope of reaching a pub at noon.

Bang on time we reached the Tap & Run in Upper Broughton where we were cheerfully fed and watered or otherwise refreshed.

Our return route took us up a 10‑in‑13 hill, so designated because ten out of thirteen Embers had to walk up it. This week many Embers cycled miles between them.

Red Lion, Huncote

Ten Embers set off from the Red Lion at Huncote for a sunny ride down familiar roads to their banana break at Mallory Park.

After loitering too long at the hallowed race circuit, we had to hurry back to the Red Lion and hope they hadn't burnt our dinners. The review proves they didn't.

This week many Embers cycled on various days and routes to a total of miles.

Rose and Crown, Thurnby

Slight delay to the start of this week's ride while Velo John dismantled his deraileurs and tied a few knots in his chain. Carol arranged our lunch and then tried to rein in our enthusiasm to arrive there early by taking a shortcut. Simon has a phrase for for it: "Herding cats"

Eventually nine Embers arrived at the Rose and Crown in Thurnby where our welcome shows that there are still pubs that haven't learned to demand a deposit against damage and loss of custom.

On a sunny day that encouraged a couple of Embers to reveal that they have knees, many Embers cycled miles.

Quorndon Fox, Quorn

Embers have been cycling for quite few years now and only had a small number of injuries. The day started so well with Sun, warmth and white legs (back in shorts).Then disaster as one of guys took a tumble and was badly grazed and shocked.

Fortunately he is now home, a little beat up but OK. The joys of cycling with the Embers; we are there for each other.

- Peter Wright

This week, one way and another, many Embers cycled miles. George Pickard is shaping up to be a first rate Ember.

Embers' Morecambe Tour

Carnforth Station

Everyone arrived just after midday and set off for Carnforth by way of the promenade cycle route and Lancaster Canal tow path. The cakes at Carnforth Station carried us until our evening dinner. (especially the Ember who had two!)

On arrival many Embers cycled miles for their first cake.

Hornby Post Office

After a hearty breakfast there was a full muster of riders for a ride to Hornby and then into the hills. Leaders kept us away from busy roads and back to base just as it began to rain.

Today many Embers cycled miles between them.


An awful weather forecast persuaded most to bus into Lancaster to explore the museums. Three hardy Embers braved the 7½ mile walk to save their bus fare for ... er ... cake.

Embers made convincing exhibits at the Maritime Museum.

Quayside, Glasson Dock

Today we took a familiar route to a favourite cafe. Our route followed an old railway line and then alongside the canal through Lancaster, across the River Lune Aquaduct to return south along the promenade.

On our last day many Embers cycled miles and consumed many cakes.

Thanks to Mick Ayriss for organising a splendid week!

Sir John Warren, Ilkeston

Three brave souls arrived at the start at Worthington. Velo John, Derek and myself. Weather surprisingly good with little snow after 10am.

Good lunch at the Sir John Warren in Ilkeston.

We did get to the viaduct. A long tough day. Arrived home just after 7pm.

- Simon Over

I cycled on my own today, I didn't fancy the Cloud Trail & Derbyshire with the snow storms around. I did a quick 27 miles, Ratby, Groby, Bradgate Park, Swithland, Mountsorrel, Rothley ( I sheltered at the bus stop at Rothley, during a snow shower, I have not been in that bus shelter since 1973) Rothley Station for hot chocolate, Cropston, Anstey, Leicester then back via Glenfield. Plenty of snow around this morning, all gone now, the biggest obstacle was the wind, I was down to 5 miles a hour at one stage.

- Richard Sleath

Only 17 miles for me today. I possibly spent too long in Isabella’s cafe sheltering from the snow.

- Mick Perry

Locally many Embers cycled miles on several routes.

Time to move to April already.