2023 Cycling

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Red Lion, Spalding

This week we had reunions of north and south COVID groups, north cycling to the Toby Inn, Loughborough, and south taking lunch at the Ashby Arms, Hungarton.

The scheduled ride started from Tony's at Northborough and went north to the Red Lion, Spalding with a break on the way there at The Old Paper Shop in Crowland, and another break on the way back at the Red Lion in West Deeping.

This week many Embers cycled miles in three groups.

Green Man Inn, Brackley Hatch

Another week with a choice of rides, but only one choice of weather - sunny and warm for a change!

Official ride went south from Canons Ashby to the Green Man Inn at Brackley Hatch up lots of hills and an exciting dash along the A43. Southern Embers cycling locally headed for Burbage Common.

Five Northern Embers rode from Ian Bower's house to great Dalby then onto the Cutting Room in Melton Mowbray for lunch. Then headed for Beardsley's tea room in Rearsby for tea and cake.

- Grahame Billington

This week many Embers cycled miles between them.

Red Lion, Hollington

Ten Embers were out under a Rent-A-Mob banner today. Velo John drove us on without mercy From Mercia Marinawith a brief banana break deep on cycle route 54.

We reached the Red Lion where there was a wide combination of pies, potatoes, peas and gravy. All washed down with Richard Clark's birthday drinks. We soon covered the route back to Mercia Marina for more refreshments.

This week many Embers cycled miles between them.

The Crown, Uppingham

Only seven Embers out today. The ones who missed it must consider themselves rather fortunate. Border of Northamptonshire, Rutland and Leicestershire. Some of the hills seemed so high and long that when l got to the top I thought I might see the Indian Rocket that landed on the moon. Hills galore today, some of which seemed to go on forever. Popular word today was UP on a day when down hill would have been great.

- Peter Wright

We found refreshments at Sweethedges Farm and rest from the heat and hills at The Crown in Uppingham. A final pause for more essential fluids at Lydias Coffee Shop Gretton, before returning to our start locations.

This week many Embers cycled miles.

The Mill Wheel, Hartshome

Seven Embers had superb impromptu ride on a lot of unknown routes (cheers Velo John) and we managed to avoid the forecast rain. Fun at Conkers and a nice lunch.

- Simon Over

Not so far this week, but we still managed to find a 1 in 7 hill to work up an appetite for The Mill Wheel at Hartshope.

On our last August ride many Embers covered miles.

Better weather at last.