2024 Cycling

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Stilton Cheese Inn, Somerby

Nine Embers set off from Houghton-on-the-Hill and were joined at Buttercups Tearoom by Velo John. From there we climbed up and down (and up and up) to the Stilton Cheese at Somerby, fixing punctures on our way.

The day called for another warm up with refreshments at Holland's Nurseries Welcome Cafe before climbing (would you believe?) back to Houghton-on-the-Flipping-Hill.

Left to right: Nigel Lines, Derek Jordan, Ian Bower, Richard Clark, John Muschialli,
John Ashworth, Mick Ayriss, Grahame Billington, Ben Crossley, Kathy Lines.

Kathy Lines rejoined the Embers, survived a chilly day and conquered all the hills. It will be all downhill from here.

This week many Embers cycled miles.

Unicorn Inn, Orton-on-the-Hill

Velo John braved shorts and Derek didn't consider gloves necessary this week. What we lacked in hills we made up for in water; lots of big puddles, a ford and a flooded road.

Survivors of the ford, left to right: Ben Crossley, Ian Bower, Kathy Lines, Simon Over, Carol Homa, Richard Sleath, Grahame Billington, Mick Ayriss, John Muschialli, Nigel Lines, Richard Clark, Derek Jordan, Tim Wicks, John Ashworth.

Fourteen riders made their way west, dodging showers to reach the Unicorn Inn.

Our route back intended to avoid Ambion Hill but was blocked by a flood that only Tim Wicks and Simon Over crossed. For the rest of us it was back to the hill and then Lowe's Coffee House at Greenacres Garden Centre for refreshments.

This week many Embers cycled miles between them.

Start of quotation These pictures don't how much my knees hurt!! End of quotation

- Mick Ayriss

Pig In Muck, Claybrooke Magna

Ten Embers gathered at the Toast Office in Fleckney and then set off west into the wind. At Peatling Magna we paused for our banana break and noticed that we would find neither shade nor shelter since the trees have been removed.

We then pushed on to Claybrooke Magna and the Pig In Muck pub for lunch where we tested the patience of the staff. "Carrots 50p extra"

Our first spring ride saw many Embers cycling miles.

Anchor Inn, Hathern

Nine Embers threw caution to the wind and kept to the plan of meeting at Shepshed. We retained the option of an early finish in case threatened strong winds and rain blew in.

Ben called round to John Beccles who lives across the park from our meeting place. John is the same as ever; Senior Grumbling Champion, GB and Empire.

The route went through Belton and plenty of mud in Grace Dieu Park then up to Holy Joe's for a coffee before returning through Shepshed to the Anchor Inn, Hathern for lunch. By then the wind was blowing in the promised showers.

This week many Embers cycled miles between them.

Follow the shower in April.