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Golden Fleece, Stamford

We suspect today might have been Summer 2024. Knobbly knees were on display and the warm sunshine made our return ride resemble the dance of the seven army blankets, performed by pensioners on bicycles. Hopefully that thought hasn't caused you permanent mental trauma.

We began with coffee at Rutland Nursery and then made our way by what should have been a familiar route by now, through Edith Weston, Empingham and Great Castration to the Golden Fleece in Stamford.

We found a new road and café on the way back, with a pause for tea at Pick's Barn.

This week many Embers cycled miles between them.

Red Lion, Huncote

Embers enjoyed a warm, sunny cycling day. Huncote for lunch with Richard having pudding to build up his strength to cycle home. Lovely to be out in the countryside on such a glorious day.

- Peter Wright

Today many Embers took things easy over familiar roads to cover miles, including rides to and from the meeting location.

The Plough, Stathern

On a typical English summer day seven Embers didn't get far before putting on waterproofs. They stayed on for the whole day as we cycled to The Clawson Kitchen and then east to The Plough at Stathern.

On a wet day many crazy Embers splashed miles for fun.

Cross Keys, Kings Cliffe

Eight eager Embers explored everywhere east of East Carlton Park. Quick refreshments at Lydia's Coffee Shop in Gretton, then past Rockingham Raceway to the Cross Keys in Kings Cliffe.

This week many Embers cycled miles between them.

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