World Record

Everyone who was a member in 1972 has an abiding memory of the World Record event. Some of their thoughts are collected here. Please add your own details so that friends can read them and muse "Ah, yes. I remember that now!"

Start of quotation I have checked on the database and it appears that the record for keeping a motorcycle in motion was in the 1974 and 1975 editions. It appeared on page 302 of the 1974 edition and on page 300 of the 1975 edition.

Thank you for your interest!End of quotation

- Amanda Sprague
Guinness World Records

Start of quotation I have memories of the World Record event, the enthusiasm, the flying by the seat of our pants technology & the pioneer spirit in putting the whole thing together. I have a copy of the Guinness Book of Records recording our epic. I recall the original idea was to put the club on the map.

From memory we covered just over 1000 miles during the 24 hours, the tyres were worn on one side, Shell provided the petrol & I still have a tie presented to the riders by Shell as a momento of the event. Somewhere I have a tape recording of me being interviewed by Radio Leicester and perhaps some photos. End of quotation

- Eric Tindall

Start of quotation I bought one of the Belstaff jackets after the event and I think I only recently got rid of it (although it may still be in the loft!!!) End of quotation

- Richard Taylor

Start of quotation Soon after joining, I heard that the club was staging a 24 hour record attempt at Cadwell Park, and I decided to ride up on the Friday evening and have a look. What I did not realize was how few and far between were the petrol stations in that part of Lincolnshire, and that none of them were open on a Friday night.

I was therefore stuck at Cadwell Park until the event was over on the Saturday morning. Whilst watching the run with great interest, I well remember being offered small blackened objects from the bonfire. These were described as potatoes, and the only food available. The event was completed successfully, and I rode home on the Saturday morning to get some much needed sleep. End of quotation

- Martin Sentance

Start of quotation The record attempt ... Mr Williams riding off and coming back 1½ hour later with his top box full of potatoes he had "scrumped" from some farmer's field ... these were quickly put on the camp fire and consumed with relish (actually butter - no one had any relish)

Rob Goddard getting fed up and going on a trip to Louth but still featuring on all the published pictures. End of quotation

- Dave Stocker

Start of quotation You just don't know what will turn up next!

I was looking through my collection of moth eaten, worn out and worn through hand knitted woollen underpants "100% itchiness guaranteed" and stumbled upon a very rare item!

This I believe is one of only 3 ties presented to the riders who took part in the world record attempt and presented by Shell Petroleum to acknowledge the feat, feet, fete or whatever.

If you want a picture of my woollen knickers drawer that will come as a very expensive (expansive) extra financial donation to my Goldwing drivers account/charity. Mind you, with Woolies going down the pan it might be worth something in a few years time. End of quotation

- Eric Tindall

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