Matrix 2020
(2021 matrix here at the end of June)

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The National Road Rally 2020 has 76 controls all over the country from Welshpool in the west, Stockton on Tees in the north, Saffron Walden in the east and Yeovil in the south.

Riders are free to choose their starting point and route.

  • Riders are required to record the six digit number displayed on the Day Glo Control sign. This should be recorded on their control card together with the control name, points from last control and time of arrival. This information will be required to complete the online submission within 7 days after the event.
  • "Points" shown between controls on the matrix are roughly based on miles taken from a standard atlas ignoring motorways and rounded. For the purpose of the rally they must be accepted as correct.
  • Riders may only travel between controls for which a link is drawn, and may only visit a control once.
  • For the special gold award riders must achieve 265/280 points and visit at least 12 controls.
  • Riders must sign on by logging into the myNRR section of the NRR website between the 5th and 12th otherwise they won’t be able to log their route and won't be eligible for an award.

Supplementary Regulations are posted on the National Rally website.

Control Matrix

Click on the controls in turn and your route will be recorded below.

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Your Route

This QR code is a link to the full list of controls suitable for a mobile device. Scan it with a smart phone or tablet to open the page. If you click the image it will display an example of what the page looks like on a phone.

This QR code is a link to the full list of controls. Click the image to open the page.

Now you have created your custom route QR code, scan it with your smart phone or tablet to open your route data. Click the image to show how your route information looks in a mobile phone.

Now you have created your custom route QR code click the new QR code image to open your route in this device. You can also scan the QR code with another mobile device to load the same route list.

IMPORTANT! Check the route on the OFFICIAL matrix in case there are bugs and errors in this program!!.

See the NRR Facebook Page for the latest changes and clarifications.
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Start of quotation Thanks again for this brilliant set of web-pages for the NRR2020. I've ridden in this event for several years and its made just that bit easier after discovering this site a few years ago.

And kudos to you in getting this up in the shorter time frame as well! End of quotation

- Graham King

Beer and route planning... What could possibly go wrong? I better check my working out in the morning!
- Richard Gibbons

Start of quotation Can't delete a control and start again. End of quotation

- John Douglas

There is a bug in the program that I haven't traced the cause of. Your route should be saved when you exit (or refresh) the page. Refreshing seems to clear the glitch most of the time. F5 key on a PC or drag down from the top on Android. That's the only advice I can give at the mo'.

When I say your route is saved I mean saved on the current computer or tablet and in the current browser (eg Chrome or Edge). It goes nowhere else. Use the "Transfer" button to shift the route to a different device by good ol' Cut-and-Paste. You could delete the last control from the text line and reimport the data as another fix.

Start of quotation Hi, another great year and thank you for doing this, found a bug in the route I've chosen. From (4) to (5) the Total NRR Points: shows as NaN from that point onwards.

I know my points and stops so not impacting me just dropping you a line to let you know.

Thanks again for giving your time up to do this. End of quotation

- Richard

Hi Richard. Thanks for your feedback. Couldn't replicate this error. On a PC try holding down Ctrl and tapping F5 a few times because sometimes the background files get out of synch.

Start of quotation 50 Sedburgh = Sedbergh or somewhere nearby. End of quotation

- Peter Butler

Mrs Wymes at Loch Tummel teased me mercilessly for saying "Edding-Burrow".

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