2022 Matrix

When you reach your overnight break, click this.
Drag'n'drop this along
left & right edges
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Is your route saved? On any up-to-date browser your route is automatically kept in "persistent storage" as you go along. That means, if you close the page/browser/computer, your route will still be there when you reopen this page, but ...
Only on the same computer/tablet and using the same browser.
Only the latest route is remembered.
Your route is not sent anywhere. We don't know what it is.
IMPORTANT: If you are using a public PC (eg at a library) your route will be deleted when you leave the page.

Start QR code is for all the Controls. Scan it with a mobile device to open a mobile page containing the control list and map.

When you have traced a route on the Matrix, click here to change the QR code for that route. Scan the QR code with a mobile device to open the route controls details.

When you view this on a mobile device, simply tap the QR code.


Start of quotation Used this a few times just to double check my routing and am very grateful for it.

Thanks for doing it and sharing it with others. End of quotation

- Anon with 5 stars