2023 Matrix

This is 2023 controls data. Test purposes only. It will be replaced by the 2024 Matrix soon after the official data is released about two weeks before the July start.

Please send feedback via our Contact Centre. See development progress and remarks at the bottom of the page.

= Manned Control
= Virtual on Sunday

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Is your route saved? On any up-to-date browser your route is automatically kept in "persistent storage" as you go along. That means, if you close the page/browser/computer, your route will still be there when you reopen this page, but ...
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Start QR code is for all the Controls. Scan it with a mobile device to open a mobile page containing the control list and map.

When you have traced a route on the Matrix, click here to change the QR code for that route. Scan the QR code with a mobile device to open the route controls details.

When you view this on a mobile device, simply tap the QR code.


18 June 15:09Debbie AshData arrived
19 June 03:00 Preliminary version posted
19 June 23:00 Manned & virtual controls indicated
19 June 23:00 Controls map posted
20 June 13:30Peter Rouch
Andrew Prince
Control 71 label corrected to Newby Bridge
20 June 23:45Joni BryceDay 2 limited to 225 miles
22 June 01:00AnonObscure error possibly fixed, who knows?
To fix On reload, greyed overnight break button shows last location
22 June 20:00Mike KeelPrinted list fixed day 2 problem (as above)
also fixed same mobile error
30 June 23:00Andy BuftonHungerford Control location changed
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