National Rally

Another successful National Rally thanks to volunteer marshals all over the country. This is a brief account of Kegworth Control.

Just eight riders took part in the 2pm Le Mans start when Wishbone threw their competition cards in the air for a mad scramble. Four more riders set off within the permitted start time like a handicap race. The National Rally is more like a tour and social event than a competition.

The 2012 National Rally came at the end of the three very wet months and we were lucky to only have a few passing downpours. After  Crow Watch  sent off the starters there was barely time to set up their gazebo before being hit by a squall. They now feel ready to take an open sailing dinghy round Cape Horn.

Steve White looked in on the Control on Saturday afternoon. His Norton Commando looks spectacular in cherry red. It was lucky that he was on hand when a couple arrived after suffering a flat front tyre. Steve was able to locate a new tyre and lead them to the shop and then back to the motorway before going home for an early night to prepare for his  Lark Watch  duty.

Crow Watch1.30 pm setup
2.00 pm open

6.00 pm
Ben Crossley
Terry Wright
Paul Draycott
Owl Watch 5.30 pm

10.30 pm
Rob Winnett
Dave Parry
Bat Watch 10.00 pm

3.00 am
Bill Price
Mary Grant
Dave Scattergood
Lark Watch2.30 am

7.00 am close
Bob Nash
Steve White
Ben Crossley
Hawk WatchEmergency
John Ireland

We were sad that Terry Riddle and John Beccles were both too poorly to turn out for  Owl Watch . We phoned Dave Parry to get him out of his bath (by the way, Happy Birthday Dave) to keep Rob Winnett company as the sun set for a chilly night.

Riders at Kegworth

Column 1 is starters, others are half hour totals.

10 5

There are photos of the riders coming through Kegworth in our Photo Gallery.

Riders coming in from the northwest were soaked by torrential rain over the Peak District. Riders coming in from the east were bone dry - they had it all to come!

Bill Price arrived early for  Bat Watch , probably to make at least one journey in daylight. More likely to have a chance of tasting Mary Grant's famous cookies before  Gannet Watch  polished them off.

Steve White came full prepared for the Lark Watch with music, video and (removeable car) seats. Next year a navvy's brazier?

Lack of cloud cover and a fresh west wind made the night unseasonably cold.  Penguin Watch  arrived while it was still dark and waited impatiently for the sun to come up in the vain hope that it would bring some warmth.


This year there were 484 enties and these are the bikes they were riding.

Compare the percentages with last year.