Photo Treasure Hunt

Was this a Pathfinder Rally organised by Ron Bryan for the Fellowship of Riders?

Treasure hunts were popular motorcycle club activities in the 1960s. In the early years of the club a photographic treasure hunt was organised that ran throughout the season with the intention providing a motivation for members to use their motorbikes to explore the countryside.

These photographs from Tony Bradley are all that he now has to recall those times. Can you remember who organised this event and when it happened?

Nor do we know for sure where all of the photographs were taken. Numbers on the reverse suggest there were dozens of locations to reach. They had to be photographed with the motorcycle number-plate visible and a card with a signpost on it (first picture).

(The last three photographs are not numbered and may have been taken simply because of the name of the establishment with the possibility of forming a future treasure hunt.)

Sixty years later we have several challenges for you.

  1. Can early members cast light on this event? Who organised it and who won? What were the other targets?
  2. Where are these locations and do they still exist? Some photos are followed by an enlargement showing detail.
  3. Can you re-enact the photos shown here, on your motorcycle or using StreetView?

Start of quotation Yes Ben it's Harringworth. Remember Phil Freestone and I organising these back in 1972/3 we called it the round Leicestershire rally ( despite clues in Lincs and other neighbouring counties.

I recall writing off my first Commando whilst acting as marshal one one event.

Also found a stack of control cards in my dad's garage after he died, some thirty years later! End of quotation

- Dave Smith

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