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Notes about Thumbnails

Thumbnails are intended as a preview of photographs. Not all photos and not always the whole photograph. They are therefore much smaller to allow quick download. Generally the size is 125px x 94px although they are displayed 180px x 135px in thumbnail galleries.

Thumbnails are numbered from 1 to 99. If there are more than 99 thumbnails in a photo gallery page then they will overflow the numbering system into the next page. This is acceptable provided the next page(s) are not included in the same year gallery. Examples of this are the NRR Rider albums.

Thumbnails are also used on the Promo Banner, especially when a page is new or updated. In this case the last thumbnail is shown 267px x 200px. Therefore make sure that the last thumbnail is:

  1. a good and typical photo to represent the page
  2. good enough quality to stand the enlargement
It may be neccessary to
  1. add an extra thumbnail to a thumbnail gallery set
  2. make the last thumbnail really 267px x 200px
  3. delete reference to the extra thumbnail in data.js and off the server as soon as a newer page added
  4. change reference to any deleted thumbnail in News Archves!

If there are no photos for a new/updated rally page, one can be created from the rally badges. In this case the thumbnail is 500px x 200px and is numbered b_idonly00.jpg. It is kept with the other rally section thumbnails and menu_db has 0 entered in the thumbs [10] field.