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Hard choice

We are constantly faced by difficult decisions: It works well in our family. The missus makes all the small decisions, such as where we live and go on holiday, what car to buy. I make the BIG decisions like, should we invade Iraq.

Trying to make the right choice is harder than simply weighing up the pros and cons, especially if it involves other people. In that case, the usual ploy is to make sure that all parties "have ownership" of the decision, through discussion, voting and agreement. This system is used by management so they can later tell dissenting workers, "You agreed to this."

Embers sometimes face the hard choice of either riding on our usual Thursday in spite of a bad weather forecast, or postponing for better weather promised on Friday. The result can be a foregone conclusion. Individual votes are unpredictable and depend on family circumstances. Overall, the result depends on a single factor:
what is the weather like when the vote is taken.

Trying to make hard choices for the website depends on accurate and relevant information. Should pages be promoted, hidden or deleted? Informative data comes from our weblogs. Here is how visitors to voted with their page views in 2021. Postcards is the page under review, marked in the pecking order by a red line. Compare it with other pages.

Page Views 2021

Colour Key     Rallies    Others

Why pick on postcards? For one thing, it is very peripheral to our core interests of the Leicester Phoenix MCC history and members, and rallying from the 1960s. The same could be said of many other pages. Even sections firmly rooted in our aims and objectives draw far fewer views, mainly because they appeal to a very select group.

The page uses a lot of our precious server space to hold acceptable quality images of the postcards. That also makes the page slower to open and a drain on mobile data allocations.

Which begs the question, which other pages should be discontinued? Today I removed half a dozen esoteric pages. You don't need to ask which; no‑one was ever interested in them anyway!

It brings us back to where we started. Asking for your opinion and listening to criticism of the subject matter on the website.

Who will say what needs to be said?

Hideaway code

New Highway Code rules will begin to apply this week.

Off I went into town to buy a spanking new Highway Code to study in preparation for the changes.

The Works don't stock them. Waterstones and WHSmith have the 2015 Edition (Tenth impression 2021)

"Never mind", thinks I, "I'll buy online."

The old version says "Available from"

Nope, couldn't find it.

It is printed by The Stationery Office (what was presumably HMSO before privatisation)

A search on turns up more copies of the 2015 version.

Presumably the new rules are a closely guarded state secret. Ignorance is no defence in law. The whole thing is very Kafka and parallels pandemic regulations.

Open quote There are new rules,
we are not telling you what they are! Close quote

Perhaps all the shops have sold out because people have been panic buying them ... for lavatory paper!

Update 24 Jan:   A phone call to The Stationery Office reveals that the new Highway Code will not be available for several months because the legislation has only just been passed in Paliament. No news yet on whether the cover picture will be changed.

- Ben Crossley