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Mean to go on

Yesterday's start to the New Year did not go to plan.

On Saturday 31 December 2022, access to the webserver failed; was still being delivered tto viewers via HTTPS, but we couldn't upload new and supporting files using FTP.

New content had been put in place earlier. That appeared as planned, but some files were missing, Due to the New Year holiday there would not be any technicians or support staff available as the outage continued through New Year's Day.

Whenever summat goes arse-uppard, first suspect is the idiot on the keyboard this end.

  1. Check what process is being followed. Does it conform with documentation?
    (scribbled notes in an exercise book)
  2. Is it the FTP software (Filezilla)? Have the settings changed for some reason?
  3. Does it work from a backup computer? *

No luck with any of those avenues. It had to be at the Host's end. Nothing for it than to twiddle thumbs until the tech staff sobered up.

One item that couldn't be prepared ahead of schedule was the December Statistics, for obvious reasons. We knew you would be waiting for the chimes of Big Ben to announce the arrival of the final month's numbers for When they didn't appear we had troops on standby at Trafalgar Square and Princes Street to control angry crowds,

As it happens the statistics were unexpectedly ... uninteresting ... in December. Let's leave it at that.

Not quite "at that": There will be problems later in 2023 when Google Analytics changes its appearance. The system that we have grown to know and love, and developed complex programs to decipher, will be retired mid-year and replaced by a superior customisable control panel. Gawd'elpus !

* Backup computers: Laptops and tower PCs running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10. All perfectly good machines quite capable of running the simple processes and storage requirements needed for, all rendered useless by MicroSod and the browsers that flock to worship at its shrine and declare...
"this operationg system is no longer supported"

So the long and the short of it is, in 2023 we will grasp the nettles and ...

  • Learn how to construct analytical data from the new Google control panel
  • Convert all old computers to Linux and learn how to use it

I was hoping for a quiet life this year.

- Ben Crossley