What these pages are about.

This section is to give you a lot more information about how the site is structured and the pages are put together so that you can collaborate on the technical side of the website. As if sending in stories and photos were not enough. Why is it that bikers always like to be up to their elbows in the works?

Don't expect anything clever or elegant - the methods used are quick and dirty so you should be at home! Skip over the tekky bits that you don't understand and go back to them when you need to. If you want something explaining then drop me a line via the comment form and I will admit that I don't know either.

If you know a little bit of HyperText Markup Language then please bear with me if I teach you how to suck eggs.

Anything that is actually script written in the page or supporting files is indicated by a font as follows.


Some bits are very site specific. Anything completely peculiar to this site is highlighted in red to make you aware.

What you will find

These pages will not teach you much but may fuel your curiosity. There are many sources on the web for learning HTML, JavaScript and about cascading style sheets (CSS).

The best way to learn is to do it so be prepared to View > Source from your browser. As most of the site work is done using a simple text editor I recommend EditPad as a replacement for Notepad. There are other powerful free HTML editors out there so see what suits you.

This section provides documentation so you can see how the website is constructed. The website team needs documentation as well so that they can keep tabs on jobs done and work still needed. Every page is constructed so that it can be turned into its own report form. This is available using keys Alt+w.

Welcome to the night shift. Now find out about site structure


You will be able to write pages for this/other websites.

You don't need to understand all the tekky bits.

You will be shown some of the details.

The page layout, font for script and boxouts indicate different types of information.

You will be taken through site structure, HTML template, content, images, styles and script functions.

If anything is unclear ask using the Contact Centre or call me on Skype for a chat.