Keeping track of what is happening on Most of these graphs are drawn from current data but one or two show characteristics based on a snapshot of data at a particular date.

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Your Statistics

Data being analysed.

New Content depends on contributions from a large number of motorcyclists who recall the 1960s, 70s and 80s with fondness. There is always something new and fresh to make you believe it all happened only yesterday!

Monthly Additions

Charting  new ,  updated  and  star rated  pages since the start of 2007 - use the  <  button to see earlier data.

Only new content is displayed in this chart; minor corrections and reformatting are not counted. The News Update and Blog pages are changed frequently but only the latest change is included in the chart. Some pages (such as this one) have data inserted automatically and update without being recorded. As well as the  pages represented here there are many pages - such as the ex-member lists - that change according to your choice of initial or year.

Content Growth

Only pages in the main menu are included in the above graph.

Page Distribution

The website is structured in nine major sections. This chart shows today's proportion of pages in each section.

Section Popularity

The pages that were looked at each month indicate the popularity of the sections - and reflect availability of content.


The Mobile section is mainly the version of the Rally Listing specifically simplified for viewing on a mobile device (such as at a rally!)
All of our pages adapt to mobile screen sizes and over half of all views are on phones and tablets.

The Home section contains navigation maps, indices, links and a calendar of events, plus help and documentation subsections.

The Runs and Training are sub-sections within Activity section.
(they are not counted twice)

Website Visitors hit the World Wide Web in mid 2001. Free counters were added to the website early on and the source of information on website visitors has changed several times. Currently the data is taken from the Google analytics.

This is a graphical representation of the number of separate visits to the website.

Monthly Visits

Sharp changes occurred as follows:

  1. February 2011 due to the change from Plusnet to Easily statistics
  2. November 2018 change to Easily server logs
  3. June 2020 use of Google Analytics after move to 123Reg server
Total Visits

Monthly Page Views

The number of pages that are looked at each month. This is more realistic than "Hit Counters" that count all the files that are downloaded including photos and data files used inside each page.

[December 2017 actually recorded 163,634 page views, an anomaly not shown above!]

Top 20 Pages

Based on TOTAL number of stars in descending order.

You can Star Rate pages by clicking on stars at the bottom of the page. This gives guidance and encouragement to the web team. The league table is drawn from star rated pages on

People mentions many friends and fellow rallyists from years ago.

Excluding names in People Index, Past Member Lists, Megaphone Archive index and Bibliography.

Members by Year

It is amazing that such a high proportion of past members are still in contact and many still motorcycling! All loyal to the club and their friends.

 Light Blue  indicates members whose names are recalled.
 Bright Blue   are past members who are in contact.

The graph tails off for three reasons:


Most visitors to (typically %) are English speaking, if you count Americans. The pie chart below indicates proportions of non-English languages countries over the most recent 12 months. Data is drawn from Google Analytics 4.

Rally List

The chart shows the fortunes of Hans Veenendaal's Rally Listing from 2016.

Cancelled. (Past rallies are also removed.)

Future rallies from that month forward.

Changes such as postponed or relocated.

Additions during that month.

Significant cancellations in early 2020.

Comprehensive site search service is provided by Their search box is at the top right of every page. This graph indicates search activity since March 2010. is huge so there are many ways to find what you are looking for. Bibliography, Content List, People Index, Site Map, Rally report and badge list and content lists on Section index pages.

When you find the page you want, mark it in our local Contact Centre so you can go straight there next time you are on


The chart at the top of this page shows the number of pages created and updated every month. To a great extent that depends on the material that is contributed to I also keep a tally of the number of files that I update every month. This figure includes all the "back office" work that goes into the website.

I had no real idea how much time was spent on until I began recording hours at the beginning of 2012. Since July 2022 we've tightened up on time management to identify precisely where the effort is being applied and how effective it is.

I put in the hours but does it pay off? Here is a record of hours per month working on Colour of the bars indicates hours per page - light is less productive, dark is more.

There is no correlation between the time I put in and page output. If I can improve my efficiency - I can do more!

Problems is in continuous development. Despite great care and attention to detail, problems do occur. Anything from spelling and punctuation errors in the text, through poorly executed style sheets, to major JavaScript errors.

The website is subject to automated tests, checklists and random sampling but many errors slip through. We rely upon you to report anything you think is amiss.

O c c u r r e n c e s

The above chart illustrates how we look at our mistakes. They are counted and graded as the first stage of our RIPCORD strategy. Hover your pointer over the spots to see details of affected pages.

I will grudgingly concede to the errors recorded above. You will never make me confess to all the mistakes that I make but correct within 24 hours of them going on-line.

Other Tables

There are counts and statistics throughout the website in their appropriate sections. To help you find them within the pages, here are links to the main statistics. is not just about quantity: Content is fresh, interesting and unique.

Open quote I would strongly agree that is not just about quantity: Most of it's content is fresh, interesting and unique.

I am more interested in riders' experiences of motos and their comments. Close quote