Who this Website is for

Everyone is welcome to this site - otherwise it would not have been put on the world wide web.

You are especially welcome if you belong to one of these groups.

Whoever you are I hope you will accept the site in good part. If anything offends you then please send a message to let me know. Some of the items may be a bit rude but I try not to be vulgar, libelous or to condone antisocial behaviour. See, I have become an intolerant old fart!

If your kids access the site they should not come to any harm unless you brought them up to believe you were a saint. Links from the site rapidly move into unknown areas so if your children are young please take an interest in what they get up to.

Who writes it

Altogether there are lots of contributors to, from whole pages and reports to short quotes, scans of badges and old photos. They are all listed in the Bibliography.

The Rally Section is a major part of Over the years Les Hobbs and Ted Trett have contributed badges stories and photographs in abundance. In 2010 they were joined by Dave Ranger writing about rallies past and present and sending digital photos. Phil the Spill sends in reports and priceless photos from the 70s and 80s. They have each contributed to over a hundred pages and are effectively co‑authors of whenever they have a brief rest from motorcycling.

I hope you will share some of your memories for others to enjoy.

The enthusiastic support that the site receives is testimony to its existence and encourages improvements.

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