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Club runs are common at this time of year.

- Uncle Answers

Dear Uncle Answers,

The runs are affecting me badly. I have been on them since February and now I am only an empty shell. What do you advise?


Dear M.T.,

I believe that the metabolism can take care of itself in a young healthy motorcyclist. However, The Runs can be dangerous if you go on them in an exhausted state. I do not know your trouble inside out but whatever you do, do NOT take relaxatives before an expected run. Club runs are common at this time of year.

Dear Uncle Answers,

When I am down the club and I try to talk about something, everyone misconstrues my words. Even the most serious conversations and discussions end up being laughed at. What shall I do?

Phoenix Member.

Dear P.M.

Try talking about something else. I've got troubles of my own.

B.O.C. of Leicester

This sort of thing usually happens after you have had her down once or twice, especially when in quick succession as you have.

In future do not be so rapid at making these quite major adjustments and I am quite sure that she will go all the way, there and back, next time.