Instead of using this space to discuss past, present and future events I would like to use it to sound out you, the club member and reader of this Megaphone.It is hoped by the beginning of 1969 to bring Megaphone out once a month and also to possibly change it. Below are a few questions. I would like you to answer them and hand them to me (Wishbone) or any other committee member. The idea of these questions is to see if we are giving you what you want and, if not, we will see if we can.

(a) Would you write an article for the Megaphone ?

(b) If not, why not?

(c) Would you if you could get some help?

(d) Do you think the club needs a magazine?

Below is a list of subjects which have appeared in the Megaphone . Please put them in order of preference.

1. Limericks

2. Club run and camping weekend reports

3. Column on technical items

4. Quizes

5. Short stories

6. Results of club ccompetitions

7. Calendar of club runs for month

8. Advertisements

In the space please put down any other subjects which you would like to see in the Megaphone, but please remember it's not the News of the World!