A Typical Velo

Dedicated to D Scrivens who is old enough to know better.

	This is the saga of a lad called Dave,
	Who owned a bike which wouldn't behave.

	It used to spew oil and cough and bubble,
	That damn Velo was nothing but trouble.

	Bits fell off never to be found.
	Dave followed suit and slid along the ground.

	The engine siezed on the road one day,
	He should abandon that bike on a distant motorway.

	So next time Dave, buy a Beezer,
	Get a good bike - not a wheezer.

	There was a young man with a Velo,
	He was a peculiar fellow,
	One night it stopped dead,
	He fell on his head,
	Oh, how he did curse and bellow.

	A funny old bike is the Norton
	I once knew a bloke who had bought one,
	He had a great spill,
	He slid down the hill,
	And when he stopped he had naught on.

	A young chap who had a Ducati
	Said 'I must be quite batty'    

Dave Scrivens