Editorial 2-1974

Well dear members, here again for your complete and sole enjoyment (whatever that means) is yet another copy of your own, your very own Megaphone. (Space for the cheers)

You'll probably not be at all interested to hear that your editor is slowly recovering from a full fortnight in the Isle of Man. For a fuller explanation of this rather unusual opening gambit please turn to the exploits of the intrepid Peel explorers.

Those of you who have done any typing will realise that as all the article come together for each Megaphone we have little idea just how many pages we can fill both because members are notoriously lax in handing their contributions to the editor and because even those who do provide material at an early date often write with such small script (NHS can be of real assistance here) that by the time the material has been typed up it often grows almost a hundred percent.

Still enough of the editor's problems and a word of apology to Mr Porter. Whilst looking through my ever expanding bookcase I came across some old skins for a copy of the Megaphone from way back when. Unfortunately the skins were neither all there nor were they in a very useable condition. However by a miracle of modern science (I copied the original skins out word for word) we are bringing you two articles from this ancient oracle. Hopefully there should be another article in the next Megaphone from the same period.

If this bone resurrection spurs any of our long term contributors to prove to the world that their talents have improved with age then so much for the good. If not then we newer members will have at least some insight into the wonderful history of this magnificent . . . (fade out into superlatives about the British Empire, the side valve BSA - no, silly lad, not a B50, a B44. But we won't waste your time with all this as we are hoping that Mr D Poore will contribute a full sized replica of an article on the same subject.)

Therefore folks, on with the show.