Editorial 1-1974

Well folks, the new year is upon us and so, it seems, might be petrol rationing. Whilst the world around us looks glum the future for motorcycling may be interpreted as being rather more rosy.

With the increasing price of petrol and the decreasing number of days available to work there seems a pretty fair chance of the total number of motorcyclists on the road rising. Whilst a lot of them will no doubt only be commuters there should be some scope for increasing the club's membership. Also the more motorcyclists there are the less they can be classed as a minority and so the more difficult it will be for the government to legislate against us.

Back to our own affairs, don't forget that this year's AGM is coming up soon. In fact it is on February 13th. Therefore may we have as many members down on that night because we always seem to have a jolly good barny at our AGMs and so we get the air cleared. In any case, if you don't come along you'll miss Tony Bradley's little speech on the BMF.

On a different tack, may I from personal experience, advise all members to securely tether their beasts when not in use as the genus motorcycle seems to have developed a new habit of going for walks all on their own. Well not exactly all on their own as there seems to be some sort of pseudo professional cycle thieves at work in the district. Also it has been said that as a result of certain Commando Owners' claims the Norwich Union may be forced to cease payments!

The rest of this Megaphone is primarily meant to amuse you although you will probably not be amused and I know that you will not be amused, but it's the best I can do, so you'd better get yourselves a new editor for next year.

And yah-boo to you too!!!

Dave Smith