Another Year Of Club Runs

Another year of club runs has come to an end and so too ends my "reign" as club runs captain. As I look back on the year it seems as though I have accomplished what I set out to do; that is to provide a good number of club runs with varied and interesting destinations. I just hope that you the club runners think the same and that you have enjoyed the following as much as I have enjoyed the leading. One thing that struck me was the distinct lack of breakdowns on runs so the British bikes must have owners who maintain them up to the wing mirrors and as for yer actual Jap bikes it goes without saying that they are utterly reliable with only the basic maintenance or in my case next to none (pun intended). Notwithstanding this, I seem to remember one British bike's alternator coming adrift and another one blowing its head gasket going after him to tell him so! Never mind lads, buy a BSA and get used to it.

Anyway to more serious things. Here are the results and averages of the club runs competitions - fanfare fanfare.

A surprisingly small number of 18 club members went on a total of 20 runs which averaged out at a surprisingly high figure of about five bikes per run. The average run mileage was a distance of 150 miles and the total possible mileage was 3010 miles. The total mileage covered by club members was a staggering 15,100 miles which averaged out at 850 miles each. The actual results are as follows:-

Place Member Miles Runs
1 M Sentance 1960 15
2 D Smith 1870 12
3 B Crossley 1580 11
4 M Parry 1430 11
5 A Bradley 1330 8
6 R Taylor 1290 9
7 B Porter 1030 8
8 A Horne 990 8
9 C Bish 850 6
10 P Freestone 680 5
11 A Tabiner 620 5
12 M Boggis 410 2
13 M Ayriss 280 1
14 E Tindall 260 3
15 L Freestone 170 3
15 K Williams 170 2
17 R Winnet 140 2
18 B Langley 120 1


Any member whose name does not appear on this list will now write out one hundred times - I must go on a club run in the future. This will be handed to the club runs captain on the first club run of the new year.

I say the club runs captain rather than me because it is with deep regret (sob, sob) that I will not be able to stand for the post again next year (do I hear cries of hurrah?). Owing to the rising cost of marriage and petrol one has got to go (I wonder if I'm doing the right thing?)

Once again, thanks for the great year of runs. Without you lot it wouldn't have been possible.