The Adventures Of Super Yam

Timothy William Ignasius Teesbody (twit for short) was born into a humble family on the outskirts of Chipping Norton, a lazy place to be bornn in the first place but as he grew up he learned to make the best of it. At the early age of seven he was playing in the back flower box of his parents' 15th storey flat with his model of a Yamaha TZ750. In dreamland, as most kids usually are, he imagined he was belting round Monaco; imagine it . . along the straight, round the hairpin, up the hill, rounf the tight left hander and into the tunnel. Instead it was round the flower base, round the gladioli, up his arm, round onto his shoulder and into his mouth and he swallowed the damn thing, fairing and all.

Now unknown to Twit this was no ordinary model, it was a magic one. Ooooh! As he swallowed it he fell off the window ledge in fright. Down he plumeted, down towards the concrete pavement below and on his way down he flapped his arms in panic. Why panic? You may well ask. Well says I, have you ever fallen from the 15th storey without panicing? Anyway, to Twit's amazementhe stopped and hovered. Then he started to do the breast stroke leg action and found himself flying. After a quick trip round the electricity works' cooling towers he landed safely in the window box. Sitting there slightly dazed with it all he began to imagine himself as a super hero, wearing yellow and black one piece leathers with a big Y on the front. There was a flash and there it was lying on the chair. Yellow and black leathers. Then he noticed there was no Y on the front. In desperation he yelled out, "Oi, you've missed me Y front out!" Flash and a Y appeared on the leathers.

Super Yam was born.

Quickly he donned the suit and jumped out of the window for another quick flight before tea.


He had travelled down some six feet when he came to a stop and no matter how much he flapped he just hovered there.

Was Super Yam grounded on his first flight? Was he to stay hovering for ever? Don't miss the next episode of Super Yam.