Editorial Feb 1975

Once again welcome to another edition of Megaphone, the supposedly bi-monthly magazine of the Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club. I say supposedly because as the perceptive amongst you will by now have realised there were only five issues last year. The reason for this is not as you may at first think editorial laziness but is in fact due to a large deficiency of material. Please note material and not suitable material - there is never enough to decide if something is suitable.

There I8 I'll start the new year like the last one by pleading with members to please put pen to paper. Particularly would some of our more recent members like to jot down a few thoughts on a scrap of paper and give them to me, the editor, who is one and the same person as the membership secretary, Dave Smith. Don't worry if you cannot spell cause I can't either and I've been printing the Megaphone for the last two years now.

As a possible encouragement to such budding authors perhaps you might consider such themes as My First Club Run or Night or The First Time I Fell Off or maybe you are like Dave Stocker The First Dozen Times I Fell Off.

To put the problem in an altogether sinister manner, if members don't write something you'll just have to read and re-read the editor's drivel every issue and I'm sure you don't really want that now do you?

One final word before I take up my pen name. May I thank almost everyone for joining up so willingly and thereby making my job much easier. I say nearly everyone because one person in particular seems adamant that he need not join this year and is content to let the others subsidise him isn't he DAVE.

Dave Smith