Climbing A Hill

On coming to a hill, if it is short rush it. begin opening the throttle and air port 50 yards or so before the foot of the hill and strike it at a good speed. As to the best method of climbing a long stiff hill opinions differ. The plan generally accepted as correct is to give the engine a pump full of oil a couple of hundred yards before the hill, open the throttle and air slightly and advance the spark fully so that the hill is approached whilst travelling nearly all out, but with plenty of throttle left to open. Try to keep up speed by opening the throttle until throttle and extra air are fully open, then as the speed falls off retard the spark and shut off the air slightly as speed falls even more.

Repeat both these actions at intervals until the engine settles down to an even beat which it feels like maintaining to the top. As a rule it will not be necessary to retard the spark much beyond half way. It is surprising what a machine will climb, even with a low powered engine given the right position of air and spark levers. If the engine should begin to knock or slow appreciably a change to low gear should be made followed by a spot of LPA (light pedal assistance)


Before anyone strains himself thinking of the source of of that little gem let me tell you that it is NOT from the Norton Owners Handbook, despite comments to the contrary!