The Second Round Midlands Rally

The Round Midlands Rally has already started and all members are invited to take part. The rally is a photographic one similar in format to last year's event. Briefly all you have to do is visit as many checkpoints as possible and photograph your machine alongside it. Points are awarded for each checkpoint photographed and you have from now until October 20th to complete the task.

There are two classes - up to 200cc and above 200cc. Shields and prizes will be awarded at the end of the year and, of course, you'll end up with thirty photographs of your bike.

Last year's winner of the under 200cc class completed the rally on a Honda SS50 with his girlfriend as navigator, which surely shows that the rally is open to machines of any size and that anybody stands a chance of winning. Not only is it a test of navigation skill but provides you with some excellent afternoon runs usually along roads that you would not normally use.

For more details and a list of checkpoints, see the secretary Dave Smith.


Dave Smith