S.S. Gt. Britain

or 'My Bum Ached'

This being my first club run I did not know what to expect. If I had known that I would have to write this I wouldn't have gone. (All say ahhh!)

Five bikes went, eight people in all, Ben and his dad, Dave Smith, Steve White, Sue Farmer, Gordon Wallace, Dave Hill and little me. Dave didn't know where Lee Street Circle was so we started by going down to Steve White's and from there to pick up Sue and on to Lee Circle. (I knew where it was all along but no-one would listen to me).

When we got there Gordon had already arrived. I got off the bike and sat on the pavement (never one to stand when there was a seat) listening to the fellas chatting about bikes.

At 9:45 we all set off. The scenery was lovely and I was enjoying the ride. Gordon's 500T number plate jumps about one inch either way at 60mph and it is quite funny to watch. At about 12.00 we stopped for a wee and to look at maps. By this time my bum was ready for a rest. We stopped again at 12.45 at a little west country pub for dinner (ham and cheese sandwiches). We all sat leaning against a fence to eat our dinner and there were some nasty but truthful jokes about Hondas. Being a lady (ha ha) I shall not repeat any of them. When we got up to go, however, the joke was on us because we all had lines on our backs from the fence.

We set off again for Bristol and all I would like to say is at 70mph everything on a Honda including the rider shakes (sorry Gordon).

When we arrived at the ship my bum was numb. We all had a good look around the ship and then sat by the river eating ice creams.

Back on the bikes we headed home but about halfway back Steve's clutch cable broke so we all pulled onto a bit of grass while he repaired it and I fell asleep (after all I had been up very early). On the road again and I was trying hard to keep awake (I didn't manage it). I woke up again at Broughton Astley just in time to wave goodbye to Dave Smith. By this time my bum really hurt and when we got home I had to make supper standing up.

However, my first club run and long distance ride on a bike was very enjoyable and the company was good.


Shirley Crane

Steve White Sue Smith Gordon Wallace Ollie Crossley Shirley Crane Dave Hill Dave Smith