Alan Jarvis

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Runs Captain in the mid 60s - and that is in mph on his Velo
Dragon Rallies in the snow - remember snow?

Alan became an past member in the late 60s when he moved to a new life in Canada. There he has been immersed in his work for the past 40 years and his job gives him the opportunity to travel extensively in North America and Europe.

Alan enjoys the comforts and responsibilities of a family. He spends time with his wife and teenage children at a summer cabin in the wilds once the bitter Quebec snows give way to scorching sunshine.

Occasional visits to his home town means that Alan sees his father who lives in Wigston, visits relatives in Wales, catches up with old friends Wishbone and Dirty Eddie and refreshes his memory of warm English beer. Between the visits he keeps up with old friends through emails and frequent contributions to the website.


Alan was affectionately rechristened 'Herbert' by Wishbone and it was an epithet he was pleased to leave in England when he emigrated. So let's not hear any more about it.