Ben Crossley

Update Aug 2010.

After leaving LPMCC Ben worked at Triumph Meriden and was chief examiner of RoSPA's motorcycle training scheme. He then worked as an accident investigator at County Hall, Leicestershire until retirement in 2010.

Ben is married to Rachel who is also a motorcycle rider and TT enthusiast. They met through motorcycle training when Rachel became officer in charge of training at RAF Hullavington. They have two daughters and all the other animals that go with kids. They put family news and photos on

Ben still has his beloved Triumph T160V Trident and regularly threatens to put it back on the road. Ben has not changed - still all talk.


Ben was known at times as 'Rommel' (by Peter Wright), 'Greybeard' (by Terry Reynolds) and less charitable monikas (by everyone). But did you know that 'Ben' is not his real name?