Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum


Refurbished classics give a window on the advance of technology.

A while back, a friend of mine sent me a few photos of his visit there.

I'll let his pictures do the talking...

The Sammy Miller Museum in New Milton, Hampshire, home of the former legendary champion rider, was unfortunately burgled .

The thieves drove to the museum in a lorry which they then used to break down a fence to position their vehicle close by. They then removed a large metal safe hidden in the storeroom as well as ripping open the petty cash box and stealing the contents.

The museum houses one of the finest collections of fully restored motorcycles in the world, including factory racers and exotic prototypes. Fortunately none were taken and no damage was done to the exhibits.

We hope that this collection of refurbished gems will continue to give every visitor to the Sammy Miller Museum a glimpse of past history and how far motorcycle technology has progressed in recent years.

Phil Drackley - Jean-Francois Helias

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