Two Moons Rally

From 1999 to 2008
Organized by Drake MCC
near Launceston Cornwall.

The Two Moons Rally took over from the Drum Rally, which was held at the same site on the edge of Bodmin Moor for ten years.

The Rally pub provided a varied selection of real ales, and excellent meals including breakfasts.

As usual tea and coffee and a supply of cake or biscuits was available in the control tent FREE!

Over the years that I have travelled to this event the majority of trips have involved as much A road riding as time (ie WORK) allowed, and on one or two trips home in the rain, I was happy the motorways allowed a quick means of escape!

Despite the weather the number of people who travel a long way to get to this rally always surprises me. The long distance award is usually claimed by someone from the Scottish contingent!

The '08 rally will be the last two moons and the Drake club were still deciding if they are going to create another replacement. Besides the usual rally badge this year the club gave everybody a free glass, engraved with the rally logo.

On Friday night there was a live Band, with the normal disco on Saturday, but both these had been moved out of the pub into a marquee. I am told they were quite good, but unfortunately I never got out of the pub until after they had finished so I can't report from personnel experience!

As usual the pub was very full both nights, but with a really good atmosphere. (Is that because they have to stand outside to smoke now?)

The Landlord must have been happy about the rally, because he provided a free tot of whisky on Saturday Night to raise a toast to the hard working members of the Drake MCC.

The rally field was available after the rally if you wanted to stay over (or arrive early), both of which I have done in previous years.

After the Rally there was a ceremonial burning of the control tent, which had managed to survive for sixteen years! A replacement has been obtained, so I hear!

The facilities on site had been improved this year by the new owners, with three new showers installed so I hope the Rally continues in some new form.

- Ted Trett