ABC Temperance Weekend

Exeter 27th February 1987 - ABC

Having attended a few of the main club's weekends, the Exeter branch decided that they would do one as well. It was held in the 'Prince of Wales' pub in Princetown, which is in the middle of Dartmoor, famed for its vicinity to Dartmoor Prison.

Camping was optional, as the pub they held the weekend at had a 'bunkhouse' normally used by hikers during the warmer months, which was empty this weekend. There was a small charge for the weekend to cover for the hire. This was a good idea, as it was somewhat damp outside and not at all warm. My tent was still drying out from last weekend, and being together indoor meant we could have late-night singsong should we so wish. Some guitars had been carried in the combos.

The people who did camp seemed to be just some of the organising branch. They knew that there were too many coming to fill the bunks so had to rough it.

I was woken up one night when the bunk started shaking violently and I realised that the couple on the top bunk did not require privacy.

It was pretty damp the whole weekend and this did not let up on Sunday morning, which let to a very misty start to the journey home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley