Shakespeare Rally

Early on Friday morning the following participants met in front of my house, Hans and Ute Mondorf, Karl and Kornelia Heuser, Jurgen Krechel, Udo Krechel, Karl Heinz Poppe, Axel Bodeit.

SHAKESPEARE MOTORCYCLE CLUB Thank you for your entry to 'ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL' September 26-28, 1997 at The Four Alls, Welford-on-Avon, 4miles west of Stratford on the B439 Stratford-ipon-Avon to Bidford-on-Avon road.

In the most beautiful sunshine, we had a smooth journey to the Hoverport in Calais. Axel was the pacemaker. He drove a Suzuki GS 750 with a Dnepr sidecar.

When it was our turn to load and drive into the hover craft, our motorcycle friend Axel has changed his mind and drove back home. For him it was a day with 900 Km motorway drive.

The rest of the group crossed the channel and drove the route to the Pub The Four Alls Inn, Welford on Avon.

Friday evening, as always, a cozy evening in the pub.

On Saturday we started a trip to the Silverstone circuit, where we'd not yet been in all the years we'd participated in the Shakespeare rallies.

We were also provided with good food in the pub on Saturday evening, where we also destroyed one or the other pint.

I can still faintly remember a man and a woman exchanging underwear on the lawn at night. When the man finally put the string on while lying down, his soft tissues did not quite fit into the small piece of fabric. A sight that you won't forget.

When I asked what we should do now instead of the Shakespeare rallies, Heather replied that she would send me an invitation for another Rally.

Lo and behold, the next year I got an invitation to the 23rd Pilgrims Rally of the Mayflower MCC, which we have attended every year since then.

As for the man with the underwear, I met him again almost every year at the Mayflowers Pilgrims rallies. We always had a good chat, as far as my poor English allowed it.

- Hans Mondorf