Arse In The Grass Rally

14th April 1989 - Iceni MCC

This was my second trip to Mersea Island, in Essex, so I knew not to cross if the causeway was underwater, because it is seawater, (I assumed otherwise, since it is part of the Thames), which could adversely affect the bike. As it happens, I crossed between the tides this time, so it wasn't an issue.

After the crossing, it was a short ride to the farm that surrounds the entrance to the track that leads to the youth camp site. My ticket was checked at the entrance and I was directed to the main hall, where the booking-in was completed. Then across the track to the well-kept field to set the tent up.

In the field behind the hall and strictly out of bounds to us, were a few huts, which is where the Scouts or Guides slept in case of bad weather. No such luxury for us, although the weather didn't look like being a problem this time.

Friday night was the usual quiet affair that the first nights often turn out to be, with people just unwinding after the working week.

Saturday morning gave those of us that were there the chance to make use of the huge canteen building that was part of the site. An excellent brekkie for a reasonable price and actually cooked properly. There was also a burger van, but it only got used when the canteen was shut.

People were arriving all morning and after lunchtime the games started, mostly on the beach, as it was low tide.

It wasn't until evening when the messier games took place, (eating ketchup via a tampon and such), followed by the hairy arse and wet t-shirts, (shirts provided). A couple of girls managed to get the shirts off before they got wet, to help with the packing later. The boyfriend of one of them decided to try my cut-off on for size, (also my hat and red nose), but decided it was too heavy for him.

The party wore on and the weaker participants were left where they fell for a while. If they didn't recover soon enough, they got carried out.

On Sunday, pausing only to have another canteen breakfast, it was time to part. The weather was still bright and sunny, making for a very pleasant ride home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley