Shakespeare Rally

As You Like It, by Shakespeare MCC in January 1987, was my first rally in England.

The invitation to this meeting was from Helmut Schenkel, who many of the Shakespeare and Mayflower members know, and passed on to my motorcycle friend Axel Bodeit.

An Invitation from The Shakespeare Motorcycle Club to their Winter Rally "As You Like It" January 2nd-4th 1987 at the Gaydon Inn, Gaydon on the A41, Warwick-Banbury Road, 12 miles north of Banbury, 8 miles south of Warwick.

Axel invited me to take a seat in the sidecar of his Moto Guzzi T4. It was the second time in a sidecar for me. We were well equipped for winter rallies after visiting the Elephant meetings in Salzburg / Austria in 1984, 1985 and 1986.

On such a tour, to get to see from a different point of view and it was an experience, installed in the sidecar on the right side of the motorcycle, always side by side with oncoming traffic.

On Saturdays Marc Cartwright, a Shakespeare MCC member at the time, invited us to visit his little house, if I remember correctly, in Bishop's Itchington. He also showed us the landscape around Gaydon.

And don't forget two cozy evenings in the pub. Shortly before the bell "The last order now" we quickly ordered a whiskey as frost protection for the night in the tent.

And logically, the Tankard prize for "Long Distance Continental", because we were the only ones from across the Channel.

- Hans Mondorf