Auld Reekie Rally

Auld Reekie, for anyone who doesn't know, is another name for Edinburgh. The Special K MCC who run the rally are based in Livingstone.

The rally was first held in 1981 at a farm in the middle of nowhere! The rally pub was The Auchengray Hotel (at Auchengray) and transport to the pub was by unlit horsebox! You start to wonder why we do it at times! Anyway it saved a long walk.

The alternative bar was The Lazy Y Ranch, a western themed pub that held a country and western night on the Saturday. I can't remember who I was with, but we decided to try it out. It was probably a bad idea, because I am not a big country and western fan to start with, and the lead singer had a very strong Glaswegian accent. So after a few beers we started to encourage the band! But then looking round we realised that we were surrounded by dozens of big hefty blokes all dressed up in cowboy suits who, for some reason, seemed to think we were taking the p**s out of them! We were advised by the landlord that we should leave rapidly!

The Auchengray was a bit friendlier!

- Ted Trett