Rally Badges

From A to Z

Motorcycle Rallies are a great way to combine motorcycle touring, camping, boozing and socialising with fellow bikers.

As well as organising the Big End Rally the Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club members have enjoyed rallying since the first Dragons in the early sixties.

Here is a gallery of rally badges from members and friends spanning the years. If you have badges and photos please scan them and send them in. We will also include your stories about motorcycling and try to put you in touch with old friends.

Badges for BMW, BMW Brecon, BMW IOM, BMW Irish, BRIMOC, BSA OC, Bacchus, Back To The Bog, Bacon Slicer, Bad Boys, Bad Habit, Badge Grabbers, Badger Bash, Bag O Bolts, Bald Bikers, Balgzand, Ball And Chain, Balls Up, Balustines, Bambi, Banbury Cross, Bandhars Fous, Bank Robber, Barbarian, Barf At The Moon, Barf In The Bloo Mug, Barnstormer, Baroudeurs, Barr, Bart Le Duc, Bartholomeus, Bartje, Bashin The Bishop, Bassin Houiller, Batavieren, Bauge, Bear Behind, Beau Peep, Beaune, Beausoleil, Beavers, Beer Swillers, Bees Knees, Beezumph, Behind The Vine, Bein Snow Inn, Belfort, Believe It Or Not, Bell End, Bellemes, Bellerive, Belley, Ben Hur, Bennachie, Bergerac, Bergers, Bernay, Bernieres-sur-Mer, Better Smeg Than Dead, Between The Downs, Beziers, Big 3, Big Bollards Birthday Bash, Big Bollards Summer Bash, Big Bollards Winter Bash, Big Brum Bash, Big Dick, Big End, Big Head, Big One, Big-End, Billy Treffen, Bimble Rock, Bimblerock, Bird In The Wood, Bit On The Side, Bitelukers, Black Country, Black Duck, Black Ice, Black Pear, Black Pig, Black Pudding, Blackpool, Blacksmith, Blacksmiths, Blijde, Blois, Blow Your Trumpet, Blue Cock, Blue Pig, Bluebell, Bluebell , Bod, Boen Sur Lignon, Bogsate, Bokkerijders, Boktref, Bonfire, Boogie Till Yer Barf, Boots & Saddles, Booze On The Ouse, Booze Spews And Snooze, Bordeaux, Bordeaux Sud Ouest, Border, Border Patrol, Bore And Stroke, Boring Old Farts, Bosted Bladder, Bosworth, Bottler Dog, Bottom Of The Barrel, Bouc, Bouce, Bourgognes, Bourguisan, Bowman, Brackley Festival, Braille, Brake For The Lake, Brass Monkey, Brewers, Bridge, Brighthelmstone, Brighton, Bring Out Yer Baubles, Brion, Bristol, Bristols, Britannia, British, British Bulldog, British Lion, Brive, Bro Myrddin Rali, Brolly, Bron, Brontosaurus, Broon Dog, Brou, Brouch, Brough, Bruised Helmet, Brush And Broom, Bruyere Rallye de la, Bubbles Ball, Bucking Billy, Bucking Ram, Buffalo, Buffalo , Bugsplatz, Buldog, Bulldog, Bulldog Bash, Bum Freezer, Bum In The Mud, Busards, But Why, Buttstock, Buzzards, Buzzards Beach Party, Buzzards Blizzard Bash and Bye Bye Blackbird rallies.

Read the FAQ advice for sending pictures. There is also a useful entry in the 15 October 2010 Blog about photographing badges.