Badges Wanted

Your badges are priceless to you. There are rally badges that you rode through extreme weather, mechanical problems and accidents to get. Those badges you will never part with.

There may be others on your cut-off or in a cigar box that are a mystery because of the ravages of time and alcohol. Or commercial badges that you bought in a fit of enthusiasm for a bike that turned out to be a dog you wish you could forget.

A ready market exists for all the badges that you have and that will go to landfill when they pass into the possession of relatives who just don't understand rallying and motorcycling in general.

Ebay is a place to start, if for no other purpose than to gauge demand and value of what you have.

Some folk may try to earn a few bob from buying and selling motorcycle badges and anything else they can deal in. But as well as the Trotters of this world, there are many rallyists looking to replace a lost treasure, enthusiasts wishing to share the excitement, and genuine collectors who appreciate the history. Maybe you can pass on some of your collection to someone who will cherish and value them. is not directly involved in buying and selling badges, but we can try to put buyers and sellers in touch with each other.

Take a look through the following badge pictures and descriptions to see if you can bring someone great happiness by providing a sought-after badge to complete their set or replace one lost in some muddy rally field. Click on the badge (or description) for the Contact Centre to open so you can send us your contact details. We will put you in direct contact with the person looking for that item.

Looks like a fairly generic deaths head patch. Most likely embroidered rather than printed.

Rock'n'Roll Club, 6-5 Special. If you've one of these, you better tell us if it was a real club or part of the TV series promotion.

Sorry it isn't very clear. It's a round blue CZ badge, quite possibly a commercial pin for proud owners.

Another pin for what was, at the time, an Eastern European motorcycle brand, Jawa.
Someone wants the badge, not the bike!

There must be lots of these about. If you've two in your shoebox, let one go to the person in search of this item.

Did you go to the Outdoor Holiday Show in 1971? Don't know the venue for the show because it was well before recorded (on the InterWeb) history.

There are replicas of some badges. We are looking for originals.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If you are interested in selling rally or race badges, especially those dating from the very early 60s to 1985, we may be able to put you in touch with eager buyers.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a long-lost badge to fill that sad gap on your jacket, let us know what it is and if we have an image of it in our collection that can illustrate your heart's desire.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for the above items in charity shops, car boots and auto-jumbles. Thank you.

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