Bag o Bolts Rally

The Bag O Bolts rally was held in November 1977 at Addimans Farm, Spofforth near Leeds.

All I can recall was that on the Friday the weather was really bad and the road into the rally was down a long steep unmade track.

- Ted Trett

Start of quotation I went to The Bag o Bolts on my Norton Navigator which, although a solid bike, overheated all the time due to timing (I think).

The idea was to turn up on a real Bag o' Bolts and the worst one would win a special prize. I thought I was in with a shot until I saw the winners bike, the worst A10 you have ever seen and belonging to a young girl. It was a real shed!

On Sunday morning as I was setting off for home I saw the A10 being loaded into the back of a van. At least my bike got me home, but only just.

I sold it and bought a T500 Suzuki. End of quotation

- The Black Russian

Start of quotation I was there on an A65 with a mate on a Cossack Outfit.

All I remember is Gus, the little (Gilera?) the Leeds Phoenix were using as a field runaround. End of quotation

- Buck

You're doing well to remember anything. Buck.