Some of these banners are the frilly decorative souvenirs likely to be dangled inside a sidecar to infuriate the passenger. We generally consider banners to be the tarpaulins with club name and motif, strung between tents at a rally as a guide to drunken members searching in the dark for their pit at the end of a long, boozy evening.

AMA Safety Award, Assen, Assen_____a, Auto Moto Club Ederswiller, Bonvillars Fontanezier, Brno, Brno Grand Prix, Clondalkin MCC, Collegno, FIM Grand Prix, Faro, LOK, Lesperon, MC Lokomotive, Madonnina dei Centauri, Moto Club Fiat Torino, Muggio, Namur, Pohar, Rallye FIM, Rebels de Fort-Mardyck, Sachsenring, St Ursanne Les Rangiers, Teterower Bergring Rennen, Valle Argentina, Wegraces Oldebroek and l'Equipe Bruxelles badges.