Bald Bikers' Rally

6th March 1987 - BBC

No, not that BBC, although there is no reason to suppose membership was favoured or disapproved of by employees of 'Auntie' Beeb. As the full name of the club suggests, the main membership consists, (though not exclusively), of the follicly challenged amongst us. For that reason alone, the majority of members were male, although partners were always welcome.


- Phil

It was never a subscription organisation, but there was a sense of belonging and branded clothing was available - including hats! I didn't know of the existence of this club until I saw a group of shirt wearing individuals in 1986, (it may have been at the WOT? Rally). I asked if I qualified, but this was queried until I took my hat off - I was in! I have had an expanding forehead since my mid twenties - I blame the helmet.

I missed the first rally, known as BBC1, so this was BBC2, and was held, as all the BBC rallies, at the Bidgood Arms, in Rockbeare, not far from Exeter. We had exclusive use of the back end of the pub, which included a skittle alley, which on Saturday was used for the disco, but on Friday was used for its prime intention. Most of the other people there seemed to have already known each other for years, but I eventually got 'in' with them, on the Friday.

Saturday, after people had been for a quick tour of the area/shops, the outdoor games were held. Not many, due to the weather, but mainly egg-based. Egg throwing, Egg & spoon (spoon held in mouth), was about the extent of it. In the evening, there was Egg pushing along the floor, pushed with the nose, and bald patch measuring, nearly won by Tony Hatton. There was also a yard of ale contest with a suspiciously large 'ball' at the end.

The disco was well received, and we all boogied down for a few hours. After being chucked out, a few of us assembled in Rob's, (Mr BBC), caravan awning, for a little bit of a cooling down natter and then bed.

It was a fair distance home again on Sunday, but the weather, although overcast, wasn't unduly unpleasant, so the trip went without difficulty.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley