Bald Bikers' Rally

10th March 1989 - BBC

There was still a fair bit of snow around in March this year. In fact, it was snowing a bit when I left home. Then a bit more. Then, quite a lot. Suddenly, the motorway was covered in the stuff, and it was difficult to see the lane markings. After a while, as I was considering turning around, it stopped and the road ahead was clear. Wet, but clear. So I carried on.

The pub garden, where we camped, was somewhat sodden. Very soft under foot/wheel, and prone to puddling. But, once we had our tents put up, and helped the organiser sort out his new awning, we were in the pub, so that didn't really matter so much.

As was normal at this rally, although we had the use of the entire games bar, there was no music on Friday, so actual games of skittles did take place on the alley, once chairs and stray dancers had been removed from it. A quiet night ensued, even after the skittles had been put away.

Saturday was, naturally, still a bit wet and people were discovering just how many muddy puddles there were. I don't think many people went on rides anywhere, but several of us walked to the cafe across the road for a few hours.

Back at the pub, following some games, and after a few rounds of skittles to settle scores, the band and disco set up, and chairs could be used again. I don't think there were surprises in the Biggest Bald Spot competition, (although one guy appeared to be cheating), and the band went down well.

A few people needed helping back to their tents after quitting time, at least one managing to deposit his helpers in a mud-puddle en route.

The ride back on Sunday was remarkably easier than the ride down, but there was still a fair bit of snow about when I got home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley