Beavers Rally

I am not sure if this rally was organised by the Mayflower MCC or just by Radar Dave Day their treasurer. It amounts to the same thing anyway!

It was held at the Belvoir Arms at Downham Essex, hence the name!

I had not planned on going anywhere, but was going to spend the weekend sorting out Fat Barry Warrener's R80 RT which had managed to strip a cylinder stud in its crankcase. For a change I was up and in the garage early Saturday morning and had the engine back together before lunch so as it obviously needed a test ride I took it down to Essex!

The bike was OK but it used a LOT of petrol (200 miles of motorway each way and I take my engine testing seriously!)

I seem to remember that the pub had a fine choice of real ales - but that is to be expected at any Mayflower or Radar event - good food, and of course civilised company.

- Ted Trett

Start of quotation The Rally was organised by the Mayflower MCC, not one of Radar's own, but he would have had a hand in the organisation especially to the choice of beer.

The Rally was held at the De Beauvoir Arms, locally know as the Beavers, and was part of the long running 'Coypu' series (which started with the 'Last'). End of quotation

- Graham Butler