Big Bollards Summer Bash

8th July 1983
Big Bollards Magazine

Another rally at the More Arms, in Shropshire.

By chance, I managed to blag a ticket for the girl that I had photographed naked on her bike the week before, who I discovered was at a college not far from me. But this weekend didn't have the weather for such goings on, or the secluded woodland surroundings. True to form, I totally failed to get off with her.

In common with most of Lez Lumps's parties, the fun and games started on Friday evening, with messy eating competitions, embarrassing balloons and wet t-shirts, which remained mostly ON.

After a trip to a nearby town on the Saturday lunchtime, it was back to the site for the silly games. As these were run by Les, they of course included the dizzy stick. There was also the Crate Race and a tug-of-war.

After a few hours rest/drinking, it was time for the evening games, which included more disgusting objects to eat, a display of hairy arses and the Squishy Bits, which is basically wet t-shirt without the t-shirts, or water.

After an impromptu dance display by the main Bollards staffers, the party went on into the night, as these things often do.

As far as I recall, the rest of the night, and the trip home, were uneventful.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley