Big Bollards Winter Bash

5th November 1982 - Big Bollards Magazine

A magazine organises a rally? Well, considering the writers/editors are hardened rallyists, this shouldn't be a bad sign. Much like this site, the vast majority of reviews were/are written by the subscribers, so there were very few production staff members, (about two, I think.)

The rally was only open to subscribers, which meant that any attendee could be asked/expected to lend a hand when needed, as they were 'part of the team'. I think this was not their first rally, but I was a fairly new subscriber, so I wouldn't have been invited before.

Friday evening/night was spent in the warm back room of the pub, which was good news if you had spent a while getting there, as it was a rather cold and wet night.

A pretty bizarre combo turned up on the Saturday. It appeared to have the fuel tank and radiator in the chair, with a car engine slung between the bike and chair. There was - just - enough room for a passenger, but all the luggage had to go on the back of the bike, which I though was the point of a chair. There was a tow bar, though no trailer was being used this week.

The games were well contested, including what became the Lez Lumps trademark, the Dizzy Stick.

In the marquee at night, there was a disgusting eating contest involving what could have been just multi-coloured spaghetti, (eaten without using hands), but I'm not convinced it was actually edible.

There were also separate wet and no t-shirt, (charmingly named 'squishy bits'), contests during the night and a good time was had by all.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley