Big End Rally

Pictures from the early days from Steve Todd who, on the advice of his attorney, has fled the country.

After trying to sort out my boxes of old photos I fell onto a box with loads of really incriminating shots! These four attached files show the ambiance during the two rallies that I supplied the disco!


This is the queue at the ice-cream counter.

Look for Cedric Rees, Daz Mauger etc . . . more names can be supplied!

I think we can see Percy peeping from behind the fig leaf. A well known member at the time.

Denny didn't want to get her T‑shirt wet.

This young lady didn't want to get her T‑shirt dry.

The onlookers were sinking into the muddy end of the beer tent.

- Steve Todd

Photo from Dave Ranger
Start of quotation Oh I was rather amazed to see a piccy of my then fella Nig Filer and myself on the early days of the Big End ...
he is the one with the white T‑shirt, shoulder length dark hair and beard looking to his right ...
and I am the one with the fig leaf in the piccy below!

I have more of the same ilk in my album but you might need a lot of fig leaves, lol. End of quotation

- Denny Cornell

Start of quotation The Big End rally was held in March in Leicestershire. Cannot remember much about this rally except Woodsey went with me and we packed up on Sunday to go to the Triumph Owners AGM held at the old Triumph works at Meriden before traveling home. End of quotation

- Dave Ranger