Big End Rally

The first rally

As reported in MOTOR CYCLE NEWS in 1980.

16       MOTOR CYCLE NEWS, March 19 1980


Phoenix rising

LIKE a well oiled machine, the Leicester Phoenix Club ran their first Big End Rally smoothly, efficiently and successfully.

The fact that the club has a lot of rally cranks no doubt had a bearing on this!

A little over 300 people gathered in a remote hilltop field west of Leicester for the rally. It was the result of a lot of planning by the club.


They started planning last summer, at first advertising it as a pre booker, then deciding to make it invite only. Nearly 290 bookings were enough to cover the £800 cost.

A lot of marshals did a lot to help - from litter collecting to transporting broken down bikes back home. They arranged a breakdown service with local dealers.

Is this something to be proud of? Nigel doubled his collection of rally awards by taking the grot bike prize with his Bantam.


Here is the Hermes Club sweeping up their awards - on the left Leicester Phoenix chairman Terry Reynolds gives Paul Allway his individual long distance award while John Beccles gives Simon Harris the best club turnout award. Also pictured are Angela Currier, John Parker, Derrick Heskins, Mike Whyham and Graham Thing. Hermes meet at the RAOB club, Bath Road, Stroud, on Sunday nights.


There was a scenic run to a Ruddles pub on Saturday lunchtime, Derri boot flinging, crank putting and a very heavy disco in the beer tent Saturday night.

There was a lightning visit by American Ned Denigan, said to he riding slowly round the world on a Yamaha 750, and by Vicky Lewis who gave an address in Athens, Greece!


They were not among the award winners - these were Best club turnout - Hermes MCC from Stroud, a group who totted up 2,680 miles between them; furthest travelled man was Hermes member Paul Allway (670 miles); furthest travelled lady was Jacy Dack, Harlow 70s (639 miles); Grot bike award went to Nigel from Hinckley MTC Trasterdyte (BSA Bantam) The club gave a BSA twin the concours award - but have to trace the owner. Bike was registered EFA 681